School times

The school operates between 07:15 an13:30, where morning waiting class accommodates children who arrive at 07:15.  

Group 3 to Group 4: 08:15–12:15  

Group 5 to Grade R: 08:00–12:30  

Aftercare operates from 13:00–17:30 (17:00 on a Friday) where are children are provided with lunch and a snack. They also have an afternoon nap during this time. 

Kindly not that aftercare is a separate service and is not part of Curro Castle Hazeldean. Please complete the applicable application form. 

Curro Castle Hazeldean does close for the school holidays. During the school holidays there will be holiday care available for the aftercare children. Curro Castle Hazeldean will be closed during the December/January school holiday. We are also closed on public holidays.