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Welcome to

Curro Castle Douglasdale

Curro Castle Douglasdale is an independent school in Douglasdale, Johannesburg that provides high-quality early childhood development for children from 3 months to 6 years (Grade R). Our small class sizes allow our dedicated teachers to engage each child in our internally developed play-based curriculum and to build strong, caring relationships with each child.

See what we offer first-hand by visiting our school or watching our virtual tour.


What do we offer?

At Curro Castle Douglasdale we created a safe, nurturing centre of learning. Our carefully designed classrooms and playgrounds encourage children to explore a wide variety of experiences through play and developmental activities, aimed at developing a curious mind and creative thinking.


We are Play-based inclusive

Our teachers make use of Lego Soft Bricks which are valuable in our play-based curriculum.


Our on-site kitchen prepares breakfast and lunch as well as an afternoon snack, which are included in the school fees. We also accommodate working parents by having an early drop-off service from 06:15.

Our classes are divided by age group and each teacher has one or more assistants, depending on the number of children in the class. Our internally developed programme incorporates the latest research in physical and cognitive development, such as encouraging loose-parts play that boost creativity and curiosity, rather than playing with single-purpose toys. The programme even includes activities built around Lego Soft Bricks that form the important early foundations for later Robotics studies.


Which activities do we offer?

We believe that participation in extramural activities plays an important role in promoting friendship and self-confidence in addition to physical and social well-being. Many of our activities are designed to help learners learn valuable skills such as hand-eye coordination that require more time for development than can be provided during the daily programme.


How do we ensure safety in our school?

Our strict security measures ensure the safety of our children. Access to the campus is restricted through biometric access at guarded gates, while CCTV cameras monitor the playgrounds as well as classrooms. Visitors need to sign in to gain access and the number of visitors per class is limited. Children are collected from the classroom and are signed in and out daily to ensure that they remain safe and accounted for.


What else is nearby?

Curro Castle Douglasdale is surrounded by areas such as Jukskei Park, Johannesburg North, and Fourways. It is easily accessible from Leslie Avenue off the N1 and is conveniently close to many shopping centres, including the trendy Fourways Mall. Curro Aurora and Cooper College, a Curro Select school, are both nearby for easy primary school enrolment after Grade R.


For more information on what Curro Castle Douglasdale offers, view our fact sheet and fees letter, contact us for a school tour, or enrol your child.


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