School times

The school operates between 07:00 and 17:30, Monday to Friday. 

Curro Castle Bryanston does not close for school holidays but is closed in December for a specific time period. Please contact the school for specific dates. We are also closed on public holidays.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - Opening times and registration

We have arranged earlier opening times as a value added service for our very busy parents. We know that dropping 45 minutes earlier may mean arriving home at night at a reasonable hour or even just making that early morning board meeting as one misses the traffic.

We have therefore initiated a new opening time of 06:15 / 06:30 / 06:45 for families who need to get to work earlier. For the rest of the school the opening time will remain 07:00.

There is no extra cost for this offering as we want it to be a value-added service to you and yours.