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Home away from home – at Magic Beings we believe in the magic of CHILDHOOD, the JOY of being young and the unbridled INNOCENCE of youth.

We focus on:
The unique child: Magic Beings recognises that every child is a competent learner from birth; who can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.

Positive relationships: Magic Beings children learn to be strong and independent from a foundation of loving and secure relationships with parents and/or a key person (teacher).

Learning and development: Our children develop and learn in different ways, at different rates. All areas of learning and development are equally important and are inter-connected.

Enabling environments: Our environment plays a key role in supporting and extending a child’s development and learning. 


Our preschool curriculum is designed with the Early Learning and Development Areas (ELDAs).

Physical well-being: health and safety, gross motor development, fine motor development

Identity and belonging: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social management

Communication: listen and understand, speak and communicate, make meaning and represent

Mathematics: quantity and numbers, measurement, patterns, shape and space, data collection, time and ordination

Creativity: daily life and play, visual arts, performing arts

Learning about the world: exploration and inquiry, knowledge and understanding, executive function

Baby Centre – 0 to 1 years
In our Baby Centre we have four cosy rooms, expertly equipped and staffed to cater for babies. Our staff-baby ratio is 1:4, with an experienced supervisor overseeing the entire Baby Centre.

Daily progress charts monitor each baby so that we are able to proactively manage their general well-being.  Bottles, formula and toiletries are supplied. Wholesome meals and snacks are provided for babies once they start solids.

For mothers who need advice on feeding, weaning, teething or any other milestones, our Baby Centre supervisor is always on hand to give advice or encouragement.

Our focus is on establishing a stable, healthy routine which includes age-appropriate stimulation, tactile play, music, storytelling, baby gym and baby massage. Our babies have a separate garden with an AstroTurf where they can enjoy the various activities offered.

Junior section – 1 to 3 years
Our well-equipped classrooms, co-ordinated by experienced teachers, each have two assistants on hand to help as necessary. Our dynamic routine follows weekly themes, which are complimented by exciting, age-appropriate activities that encourage the development of communication skills, fine and gross motor skills, and concentration.

Each class has their own playground, with beautiful outdoor equipment. We offer swimming lessons (two heated pools), Music Box, karate, ballet, SoccerStarz and much more.

Breakfast, lunch and a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack are provided. Children are assessed and reports are given to parents every 2nd term. Some of our annual highlights include Mother’s and Father’s Day mornings, Easter egg hunts, grandparents’ morning and educational shows.

Senior section – 4 to 5 years
We have an exciting academic programme that we have designed to integrate with the Cambridge Assessment International Education system, which is followed in Cooper College. All activities are linked to an interesting theme and are age-appropriate.

We aim to create an exciting and constructive atmosphere where we develop and encourage creative thinking. Teachers receive ongoing training in all matters relevant to childcare, keeping them up to date with prevailing best practice. We have a paramedic on site, and all staff are trained in/or currently undergoing training in one or more of the following courses: First aid and NQF level 5.

Informative newsletters are sent out with all relevant information about school activities, fundraisers and events. Parents’ evenings are held every 2nd term, and comprehensive reports are given out twice a year. Magic Beings children have first option to enrol in Cooper College, our Primary School.

Magic Beings and Cooper College have gate monitors at every gate to enhance the safety and security of our clients, children and staff.

No child may leave the premises without their personalised photo access card.

Magic Beings staff members have internal walkie-talkie radios to communicate with one another, as well as a panic button with armed response as backup.

Tel: 011 023 8821/2/3/4
Backup cell: 071 325 0248


Magic Beings: 06:30 – 18:00
Early drop off is offered from 06:00
Office hours: 07:00 – 16:00
Address: 211, 215, 217 Church Street and 220, 222 Pritchard Street, Johannesburg North