At the time of enrolment/registering your child at the school, you will be required to submit the following:

  • The completed enrolment application forms
  • Proof of payment of the registration payables to be paid by way of EFT into the bank account prior to registration
  • Copies of both parents’ South African IDs/passports/visas
  • Proof of employment for both parents and proof of residence*
  • A copy of your child’s last school report and transfer card
  • A copy of your child’s immunisation card and South African birth certificate or passport and study visa (to be supplied before school commences)

*Credit check upon application

Please note:

  • Applicants will be offered our Educational Guidance Tool as a benefit towards Academic Enrichment. This is a tool to take the hand of your child and establish where they currently find themselves, in order to lead them to academic success.