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Welcome to

Cooper College

Cooper College came into existence in 2010.  It was a school forged from humble beginnings, consisting of two Grade 1 classes and one Grade 2 class. 

As the years progressed so did the school.  Although there have been many changes, the core (child -centred care and a commitment to learning excellence) has always remained the same. Cooper College has maintained its integrity, high standard of education and love for nurturing independent, strong adults.   

Cooper College has a concept of purposeful education, based on international standards, relevant to local and broader international communities.  Focusing on academic development of our learners and educators, the emphasis is on contributing to society through the development of resilient, constructive, independent, fair-minded individuals.

We instil positive values and norms in our learners and our core values are:

  • Authenticity: being real;
  • Boldness: being brave and courageous;
  • Compassion: being empathetic and sympathetic towards our learners, each other and the community;
  • Stability: remaining stable in spite of ongoing changes – nothing can stop us!

View our fact sheet for school times, activities and more information on our offering.

primary school fact sheet

  high school fact sheet   

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