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Cooper College

Cooper College is characterised by a purposeful educational aim, timely planning, and good organisation. Our core values are preparedness, safety, innovation and success. We instil positive values and norms in our learners and approach education holistically; focusing on all aspects of the child’s development – social, emotional, physical and intellectual.

  • All learners can perform successfully, but not necessarily all at the same pace.
  • Each successful learning experience is a stepping stone to more success.
  • We (the parents, learners and the school) need to draw on the different strengths of the resources available in the teaching and learning context to the mutual benefit of all.
  • On an ongoing basis, we further develop our exciting, dynamic curriculum to cater for the diverse needs of the learners.

We all would like to help learners develop a character that will guide them to success for the rest of their lives.

Cooper College’s mission is to fulfil our founders’ vision of providing a liberal education in an effective school based on international standards and relevant to the local and broader international communities.

Cooper College has a concept of purposeful education focusing on academic development of our learners and educators. The emphasis is on contributing to society through the development of resilient, constructive, independent, fair-minded individuals.

Our nursery school, Magic Beings, is currently offering from birth to Grade 00 and at Cooper College we accommodate learners from Grade 0 to Grade 8 (Grade 9 in 2019).