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School uniform

At Building Blocks, our comfortable school uniform is compulsory. Learners are to wear school uniform every day. Uniform is to be in good order, neat and clean every day. 

Summer uniform is to be worn in the summer months and winter uniform in the winter months. If the Learner is not in the correct uniform, he/she will be sent home. Please comply with the uniform regulations. Stock is always available from the school’s uniform shop. 

Summer uniform to be worn daily (1 September to 30 April)  

  • Golf t-shirt     
  • School shorts   
  • School hat   
  • Flat sandals/takkies/canvas shoes (no high heels allowed) 

 Winter uniform to be worn daily (1 May to 31 August)  

  • School golf t-Shirt   
  • School tracksuit         
  • Red or navy polo necks under t-shirt  
  • School polar fleece sweater             
  • School dry mac jacket               
  • School beanie                                                       
  • Takkies 
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