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Intermediate phase

Intermediate phase: Grade 4 to Grade 6 (and Grade 7)
In the intermediate phase, the emphasis is still on establishing basic foundations but learners are led into more abstract thought and independent work. Application of skills and concepts is also a focus area in this phase.

View our fact sheet for a full list of subjects offered in this phase.

We embrace 21st-century learning by incorporating the use of tablets into our classrooms and by focusing on core subjects such as Mathematics, Languages, Science and Technology.



Our revolutionised Mathematics teaching method follows a learner-centric, problem-solving approach. 



Our individualised approach matches learners to book levels and uses guided reading and writing when teaching languages. We also implemented reciprocal teaching of reading to enhance each learner’s deeper reading comprehension.  



Curro Bloemfontein sets itself apart from other schools by offering 21st-century subjects such as Robotics and enhanced Science content. For example, in Robotics learners build and program Lego robots for 25% of the tuition time.