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High school

Curro Bloemfontein’s dynamic high school curriculum covers problem-solving, critical thinking and the development of skills and values through our enhanced offerings. Learners are prepared for the matriculation examinations set by the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). 

Grade 8 and Grade 9
In this phase Mathematics allows for a more focused and problem-solving approach. The same literacy principles as in previous phases are included in the home language teaching, with a bigger emphasis on language. In the Science and Technology curriculum we focus not only on 21st-century technology, but also on nanotechnology and a study of the Da Vinci inventions.

View our fact sheet for a full list of subjects offered in this phase.

Grade 10 to Grade 12
Curro Bloemfontein’s wide selection of subjects enables learners to pursue their interests further for their chosen careers. Learners are thoroughly informed, enabling them to make wise choices, and are encouraged to include Mathematics and Science.

Although learners are prepared to excel in their matric examination to ensure access to tertiary education institutions, we realise that a purely examination-driven approach is not the answer. Our teachers have access to resources and quality assurance systems within Curro’s network, which helps to extend learners’ knowledge well beyond examinations and question banks. This allows learners to develop a true understanding of learned material, which they can apply in their further studies or work environment.

View our fact sheet for a full list of subjects offered in this phase.