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Intermediate phase sports

Sports offered:

  • Rugby 
  • Netball 
  • Hockey 
  • Tennis 
  • Cricket 
  • Athletics 
  • Swimming 
  • Soccer

2020 sports timetable

Intermediate phase: Grades 4 to 6 

Participation in sport and the role of physical development are based on the ethos of Curro Westbrook. This is to ensure that all learners are educated in totality and to create opportunities as far as possible for each learner to develop as an individual. It is therefore important that learners are encouraged to participate in sport.

Other activities offered by private tutors/coaches held on Curro Westbrook premises: 

  • Future Kings (rugby) 
  • Golf 
  • Soccer Stars


Cricket is a great summer sport at Curro Westbrook and we definitely have some cricket pros at the school! 

Cricket involves the following skills: 

  • Eye-hand coordination 
  • Ball skills 
  • Throwing and catching skills 
  • Muscle tone and development 
  • Batting skills 
  • Target throwing 
  • Fielding skills 
  • Fitness training 


2019 sports timetable


Future Kings Rugby 

This lays an excellent foundation for top-notch rugby players! 

Future Kings Rugby teaches learners the most valuable skills for rugbyfrom a young age. Future Kings takes learners from the age of 4. 

Action Sport 

Action Sport is a fantastic extramural activity that teaches learners a variety of skills ranging from tennis and hockey to netball, cricket, etc. 

Action Sport is available to all learners from the age of 3 years. Action Sport teaches learners a great deal about ball skills, eye-hand coordination, eye-foot coordination and the basic skills needed for a variety of sports. 

Modern dancing 

Modern dancing is an elegant extramural activity that girls love and is offered to learners from the age of 4 years. 


This fun and exciting extramural activity offers muscle-tone, balance, coordination, etc. exercises. 

Curro Golf  

Curro Golf is now an active sport at Curro Westbrook. 

It is a game that teaches you a lot about yourself, and even more about others. It is a game that continues to evolve. Its popularity has cut through time and stands alone in its manners, in its etiquette and in its standards. 

Whether you are old or young, fat or thin, fast or slow, big or small, strong or weak, male or female, there is a golfer in everybody. 

You and your family need to join the family of golfers who play and practise all over the world. 


Graeme Whale Golf 

Port Elizabeth Golf Club 

Westview Drive 

Mill Park 

Port Elizabeth 

Cell: 071 495 7128 


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