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20 April 2021

Curro Aurora | Choir flourishes during lockdown period.
07 December 2020

This year has most certainly presented its challenges in many different forms. One thing that all but disappeared was our extracurricular program. For a long-time during lockdown months, not only were we at home, but our fields were empty and our halls were silent. Thanks to our choir conductor, Johan Bester, and his team, our High School Choir kept going.

Every Monday at 17h30 Zoom meetings were joined. The most amazing thing, even though they were not in a hall or laughing at something from that day at school, every learner joined the meeting with a smile. Our choir remained dedicated throughout lockdown and ultimately managed to put together a beautiful compilation of “You Say” by Lauren Daigle.

Each performance was individually recorded at home. The process was a long one, with many repeats until perfect. This stunning song premiered last Sunday evening and brought a tear to many an eye. It reminds you of how powerful, strong and resilient our youth truly are. Take a few minutes this weekend and see for yourselves.

The link is:

Thank you Mr Bester, Karisma Performing Arts, and our choir learners for making this possible.

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