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  1. Age admissions:
  • The entry at reception is four and a half years (4½) by January.
  • Standard 1: five and a half years (5½) for the standard by January.


  1. All prospective learners applying to the school are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of P280.
  • All supporting documents must accompany each application form.
  • Acceptance is on a first come, first served basis in accordance with the waiting list.
  • Interviews are for all classes and an orientation day is held for prospective Reception learners.
  • Enrolments for Standard 7 will include an interview.


  1. The following criteria are also considered
  • Admission during the third term is generally not done, unless special arrangements have been made.
  • However, special consideration is given to learners transferring from schools outside Gaborone, after an interview.

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