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Baobab School

Baobab School is an independent school situated in Gaborone, Botswana that provides high-quality education for learners from Reception to Standard 7 in a 21st-century learning environment. We are committed to providing globally competitive citizens filled with compassion, commitment, and integrity, by providing an innovative, inspiring education that will unlock the full potential of all stakeholders, in its inclusive and holistic environment.

As a Curro Select school, our controlled class sizes, enhanced curriculum and dedicated teachers provide learners with skills and knowledge to grow into self-confident individuals, and equipping them to develop into leaders of character for their community.

In the upper school phase, we follow the Botswana PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) syllabus which guides the diverse international curriculum. Teaching takes place in English, but this curriculum includes Setswana and French as subject options.

What do we offer?

At Baobab School we balance academic excellence with sports and cultural well-being, thereby following a holistic approach to education and ensuring that learners develop into well-rounded individuals. From Reception to Standard 7, our formidable sports activities, clubs and cultural societies and enhanced curriculum provide learners with an inherent dedication to hard work and excellence as well as 21st-century learning skills that empower them to excel in their personal and professional lives. As part of our approach to education, our core values include commitment; professionalism; good governance; inclusiveness; effective stakeholder engagement; social responsibility; learner-centred approach, and educational excellence.

We offer Setswana and French as subjects

Our dedicated teachers give learners personal attention in the classroom, which helps to ensure that they achieve to the best of their abilities. As a Curro Select school, we can offer more specialised options to our learners, including highly-specialised subjects such as Robotics and Technology and an enriching arts and cultural programme. Teaching takes place in English, but Setswana and French are offered as subjects (from Standards 1 and 3 respectively).

Which value-added programmes do we offer?

Our value-added programmes, which are offered as part of the school fees, include a learner support department with staff to assist children who may need extra help, adventure outings, musical diversity sessions, library curriculum classes and a robotics and coding club.

How do we use technology in our school?

We embrace 21st-century learning by using Microsoft Teams in the classrooms, and in the near future our learners will make use of tablets. Rather than heavy textbooks, learners will use software to view and study from an e-book, which also will allow them to collaborate easily and securely with teachers and peers.

In the infant phase our learners benefit from the Duplo Lego programme which lays the early foundations for later Robotics studies.

What else is near Baobab School?

Baobab School is situated in Gaborone West, Botswana. We are conveniently close to the Gaborone West Mall and only 1 km away from the Gaborone central business district where Masa Square, Square Mart and most major banks and businesses are located. The Gaborone train station, bus terminus and taxi rank are all only a stone’s throw away for an easy commute to and from school.

For more information on what Baobab School offers, view our fact sheet and fees letter, contact us for a school tour, or enrol your child.


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