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It is a privilege to welcome you to our Curro Aurora family and website. Ours is a compelling educational journey that strives at all times to harness and maximise your child’s potential. 

Our core business is to nurture tomorrow’s leaders today. We believe unequivocally in our capacity to empower the future of our country. Curro Aurora learners care not only about their own empowerment, but expect more for their peers and for those communities who are less fortunate than themselves. 

We have a term at Curro Aurora: total education. Total education demands that we afford your children opportunities to develop entirely, hence our complete educational offering. This ranges from academic rigour and enrichment, sports, cultural pursuits, learner leadership initiatives, community-building projects to clubs and societies. Learners do not stand still at Curro Aurora – our motto clearly denotes a call to action: Carpe Diem. 

Our school is smart and friendly. While we certainly subscribe to the look smart play smart’ philosophy, we cherish the friendly and welcoming ethos that is present on our campus. Complementing that ethos is our commitment to embrace relevant technologies so that we empower our learners by celebrating a learning environment that reflects positively the realities of the 21st century. We are committed to being the school of choice in Randburg and will always strive to be exactly that! 

Quick facts:  

  • Co-educational (girls and boys) 
  • Language: English  
  • Foundation phase: Grade R to Grade 3  
  • Intermediate phase: Grade 4 to Grade 7  
  • Senior phase: Grade 8 and Grade 9 
  • FET phase: Grade 10 to Grade 12 
  • Class size: Controlled class sizes  
  • School times: times vary depending on the grade (see school times for more detail)  
  • Primary School Aftercare: Every day until 17:30 
  • IEB examination (Grade 12) 
  • Class size: Controlled class sizes School times: 07:30 – 14:30

primary school fact sheet



Visit our Curro Castle Aurora page for more info about our nursery school.