Activity Centre

Activity Centre

TheĀ Rosen Castle Kiddies Activity CentreĀ is an interactive centre where children between the ages of five and nine years old learn a variety of life, business and technical skills through role play, under the supervision of trained guides.

The Kiddies Activity Centre comprises of miniature outlets where children learn the specific skills applicable to various businesses. There is a mini Capitec branch with an automated teller where the children learn the basic principles of money management; a mini Checkers outlet where they learn how to shop within a budget, an e-TV mini-broadcasting studio where future newsreaders and screen personalities can show off in front of a real camera and even more!

Our Activity Centre accommodates 25-30 learners per day which amounts to about 5 000 young visitors per year and is so popular that by November every year the Activity Centre is usually fully booked for the following year.

Schools from all over the Western Cape visit the centre on a daily basis and an entry fee per child is charged. Typically, one class (maximum 30 children) will visit the Activity Centre during the morning from 09:00 to 12:00.

As an exclusive feature to all our enrolled little Stars, they visit the centre as part of their educational program.