At Meridian Nursery we thrive on instilling values, morals and discipline through routine from a young age. Our main aim is to build each child's confidence so that they are able to develop an enquiring mind.

Our babies are taken special care of by ladies with hearts of gold. A teacher, with the help of two assistants for a class of 18 Cherubs.

The toddler group is divided into 3 classes due to the development being so vast in the 12 mnth to 30 mnth age group. These classes roll over to the next group 1ce during the year as they have reached their specific milestones. Roll overs take place termly.

The Group 1.5 has a maximum of 18, Group 2 is full with a lively 20 children and the Group 2.5’s fill up during the year to a maximum of 25 children. A teacher and two assistants are responsible for a full class.

Our more independent 3, 4 and 5 year olds have 25 children in a class, each with a teacher and an assistant.

Our classes are conducted in English and follow weekly-themed programmes. Even the smallest baby is exposed to our themes by means of songs and rhymes.

Communication between parent and teacher is vital. Thus, besides an open door policy, we also send daily feedback for the Group 1 to 3 classes, and 3 reports during the year, for all the ages.

The emphasis on learning through play in and out of the classroom as play and fun is key to developing a healthy body and mind. We encourage our parents to come and share their special talents and ideas with us. We also offer a wide variety of extra mural activities – for the sporty child we have CrickyCricket, Playball and Rugga Rugby, for the more creative child we have Clayplay and for your musical children we offer Dance Mouse and Music for Little Ones. These are all private and the additional cost is for the parents' account.

At Meridian Nursery we play, love and learn.