Inter-Senior Phase

Inter-Senior Phase


Our intersen phase, Grades 4 to 7, at Meridian is in the fortunate position of being staffed by educators who are dedicated and committed. Our educators are experienced professionals who offer much more than classroom education to our learners.

Our enthusiastic staff strives to prepare our learners well and our education standard is competitive and innovative. Learners are encouraged to work independently and creatively. Continuous assessments, both formal and informal, in all subjects, as well as a healthy relationship between parents, learners and educators, ensure that our school will be successful. Parent meetings to discuss the progress of learners are held three times a year.

Discipline forms an integral part of our education system. We believe that learners flourish when clear guidelines are given and it leaves them secure with clear boundaries. Our positive discipline programme offers a progressive alternative to detention and learners are encouraged to change their behaviour rather than continue with self-destructive ways.

Even though we can be regarded by the outside world as a startup school, our learners and educators agree that the school is running smoothly. Proof of that is the variety of activities in which our learners engage.

Activities include:    

  • Sport          

                  Tennis (with a professional coach)




  • Newspaper    
  • Choir and eisteddfod

Meridian is a growing school that is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the very near future.

The typical Meridian learner is happy, enthusiastic and proud to be part of this very exciting, vibrant family.