Art at Meridian Pinehurst

'Art is an irreplaceable way of understanding the world.

There are some truths about life expressed only as stories, or songs, or images.

Art delights, instructs, consoles. It educates our emotions.'

Dana Gioia - Poet and Arts Chairman - Stanford University

'We have been so driven to measure the impact of the arts in education that we began to forget that their strength lie beyond the measurable.'

Jessica Hoffmann Davis - Founder Arts in Education Program - Harvard Graduate School of Education

Researchers have found that the arts develop learners' ability to excel in other disciplines such as to generate a hypothesis in science or imagine past events in history class.

The arts, like no other subject, give learners the opportunity and the media to shape and communicate their feelings.

At Meridian Pinehurst we use the arts to engage learners who may not otherwise be reached by academics.

We believe that a healthy self-esteem is necessary to excel.

Learners who actively participate in the arts show an ability to work with others and finish tasks. The level expected of our visual arts learners is high and they meet it with great enthusiasm and embrace each assignment with palpable energy.

We live for the moments when shy learners stay in the arts class during break to finish a painting.

We celebrate the pride of our learners as they come to understand the power of the secret language of visual expression. There is an artistic kinship in the loveliness of a learner, covered in paint, reaching out to show his masterpiece... exclaiming  with transparent confidence:

'I made that.'


Leoni Smit      

Art Tutor