Conversations between the Masters and the Performers   -   Exhibition

The global debate around the artistry of the old Masters and the Modernists, and whether those who paint in a classical way are the only ones worthy of being called artists in the true sense of the word, has been ongoing and hugely controversial.

In Conversations, a mass Performance Exhibition involving Grade 9, 10 and 11, we merged the different themes of the WCED Curriculum to conclude with the juxtaposition of the classical world of Portrait painting –( The Girl with the Pearl Earring and The Mona Lisa) in Renaissance style (Gr 10) and individual learners who work in the classical style(Gr 11), with the Pop and Monochromatic style of the later years of Warhol and the Pop Art Movement involving the same two images (Gr 10). We included all the Gr 9 learners who had to construct puppets for Term 4, by introducing them to Body Art and Performance Art via Life Puppetry and Puppet Mastery.

This visual performance debate was centered by a grade 11 learner seated at a chess table moving paper cups with different motives around. The paper cups presented the art world as a silent language and visual voyeur and interpreter of our world and the viewer as the same voyeur and interpreter of the art world in an interactive state. The puppets and their masters presented our world, in which we are manipulated by our social, environmental, political and economic environment and unseen orchestrators.

This years’ Performance Art, which is unique to Meridian Pinehurst, a yearly event at Evening of Excellence, showcased the work of over 100 young artists.