Curro practices a system of “invitational education” in which learners are seen as able and responsible. Our ethos is governed by Christian values, where learners are encouraged to share and express their individuality within acceptable boundaries and ultimately, where they take responsibility for their actions. Curro will guide learners to become the best people they can be. The broad curriculum is focused on the guidelines of the Independent Examination Board and covers problem solving, creative thinking and the development of skills and values. Both individual and group work is evaluated.

All learners follow prescribed subjects until the end of Grade 9. Before entering Grade 10, all learners choose the subjects they wish to present for the National senior certificate examination at the end of Grade 12. To assist parents and learners in this important decision, arrangements can be made to provide guidance by an Educational psychologist.  Career expo’s are also held at the school, during March, to enable learners to gather information on possible careers. 

SUBJECT CHOICES                           

Learners exercise their choice of subjects during the third term of the Grade 9 year. This important decision is made in collaboration with teachers, parents and other supportive professionals.

All learners entering Grade 10 must present seven subjects: two official languages, Life orientation and either Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy. In addition to these four subjects, learners must present three additional subjects: one  from each of the following subject clusters.



Computer Application technology

Engineering Graphic Design


Life sciences

Computer Application technology

Hospitality studies


Physical sciences


Business studies