Curro Mossel Bay hosted a fun Robotics challenge for learners agaed 9 to 12 at the school on Saturday, 12 October. Mossel Bay competed against Curro Langebaan and Durbanville.

Robotics is a fun, challenging and interesting activity that is designed to keep learners interested in the STEM (Science, Techonology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. This activity grows in complexity over the years. 

The custodians of Robotics South Africa hosted and adjudicated the event. Lego Retail, Hands On Technology and Engenius Toys sponsored the event and some of the prizes along with Incredible Connection and Curro Mossel Bay's IT department,who sponsored the tablet PCs for the winners. 

Of the twelve teams that competed, Team Robot Men and Team Robot Destructors came first and second in the KNOCK OUT challenge. 

The teams had to programme the robots within a certain time frame and make sure that the robots could handle the challenges set out on the track they chose. Challenges included following a course, removing or avoiding objects or going under a Lego bridge.The teams had so much fun and the suspense in the room was tangible when the learners finished programming the robots and put them on one of the two tracks to perform. Parents and even little brothers shouted encouragement to the learners. All in all it was a great day!

The teams collected points and ended in the following order from twelfth to first:

Team Robot Destructor, Robot Storm, Robot Nation, Robot Pros, Robot Men, Robot Lords, Robot Terrestrial, Robot Winners, Robot Nerds, Robot Experts, Robot Genius and in first place Team Robot Legends. 

Curro learners are being prepared to compete against the experts at the Robotics Nationals in 2014. They are looking forward to challenging a young learner who can programme a robot in just 12 seconds!


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