Night of a Thousand Arts

Curro Mossel Bay was the proud host of the Night of a Thousand Arts project. Teacher Elaine Koekemoer had a dream and then it came true. Hundreds of learners and local artists donated art to the school. On a cool autumn evening, we sold most of the art for R50 a pop. The amazing thing was that one could buy art from established artists for R50! 

The corridors were abuzz with people searching for their perfect painting and there were many a satisfied customer. There were also many satisfied artists. We would like to thank parents who paid for their own children's art work. Without these contributions we would not have had as much fun on the night. 

The evening was an even greater success because famous artists such as MariaLance Barnard, the Great Brak Arts Group lead by Carina Beyers, Wendy Smith, the Muller family, Rosa and Tarien Lombaard, Wilma le Roux, Sheri Coetzer and Rienie Human who donated very expensive art that was auctioned off. Their contributions were invaluable. 

We would also like to thank Two Girls and a Guy and Sotto Voche for the amazing music they made on the evening. Their voices were the ambiance of the night. 

Lastly we would like to thank the 'Matriek-mammas' and all the teachers who worked very hard to make a successful evening happen!

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