Mrs Zelia le Roux runs a very active music department. Learners have an opportunity to join the junior and senior choirs or study a musical instrument.

Curro Mossel Bay has junior and senior marimba bands. These learners literally make the feet tap with their quirky numbers and they play at many events in and out of town. The senior band auditioned for the South African marimba nationals in 2013 and they went through to the finals. We are so proud of them.

In the meantime the senior marimba band has gone from strenght to strength. They have been invited to openings and gala evenings galore. They are not only the sound of our school but also of our beautiful town. Curro Mossel Bay learners have had the opportunity to attend a workshop with the band Irie Vibe from NMMU. This amazing group performed with our marimba bands at the Barnyard Theatre, where they gave the audience goose bumps with their beautiful sound. The marimba bands made their debut at the Bravo Lounge and entertained tourists at Delfinos over the December holidays of 2013. 

Curro Mossel Bay's musical academy also instructs learners in accoustic and electric guitar, drums, violin and various other classical ensemble instruments. Curro Mossel Bay learners excel in the Unisa exams for music and at the various eisteddfods held in the area. 

Here is the senior marimba band playing at Night of a Thousand Arts. Their music literally make your bones jiggle...