Grade R
The focus in Grade R is on learning through play.
During the Grade R year the learners are stimulated and are able to develop in all areas:  physical, motor, visual, auditory, cognitive, emotional and social.
After the Grade R year learners will be ready for the formal teaching of Grade 1.
Grade R
08:00–08:30 Arrival and free play
08:30–08:45 Worship
08:45–08:55 Discussion ring
08:55–09:05 Music/Movement
09:05–09:25 Outside free play
09:25–09:45 Refreshment time
09:45–10:30 Creative activities
10:30–11:00 Numeracy
11:00–11:15 Educational games and activities
11:15–11:30 Outside play and movement activities
11:30–12:00 Enriched structured outside play
12:00–12:30 Story