A very high standard of academic tuition takes top priority at Curro Langebaan. Learners are educated and equipped to be critical thinkers. Lateral thinking and the innovative application of skills are developed and encouraged through creative teaching methods.
Highly qualified educators at Curro Langebaan make it their goal to enable learners to develop to their full potential in the academic field. Curro Langebaan therefore strives to prepare learners for a fast-changing world where they will be able to take their places after matric as worthy citizens of our country.

Preprimary and foundation phase
• Numeracy
• Literacy
• Life skills

Further attributes within the phases that develop and stimulate learning:

• The curriculum is complemented during the year with content that will interest and motivate the learners

• Quarterly reports give parents precise feedback on the learners’ progress

• Continuous evaluation

• Educational outings allow learners to experience the themes that are discussed in the class

• A stimulating environment in and out of the class room to promote maximal learning

• Communication with parents about learners’ progress takes place on a regular basis

• Computer skills classes

• Market days to stimulate and develop the learners’ entrepreneurial skills