Curro Langebaan realises the importance of culture in developing a learner as a whole. Cultural experiences create the opportunity to realise the diversity of aesthetic events and to develop through them.
Enthusiastic learners and educators are involved in a variety of disciplines, from choir to drama. In this way a love for art can be developed, regardless of their abilities in sport or academics.
Talent evenings and Arts and Culture evenings are opportunities where learners can show their talents.




Talent Show


The 2015 Talent Show once again proved to be a splendid display of the talent so prevalent in our school. It is always so encouraging to see how confident our learners are on the stage. Well done to:


Junior: Bianca Roode (1st); Isobel de Villiers (2nd)
Seniors: Felipa Lawrence & Anika Keuck (1st); Eldri Rheeder (2nd); Richard Carmichael (3rd)
Star Performer: Josh Cloete


Drama - Revue 2015

Curro Langebaan’s first revue was an outstanding success. After standing ovations for two nights in a row, it was clear that the learners’ hard work had paid off and that the production was something which we would always remember with pride. The Gala evening was indeed a classy affair, with fabulous décor and truly delicious food.



In May, the senior choir, in collaboration with the West Coast Music Academy’s youth orchestra, performed alongside singer Manuel Escorcio in the school hall. The night ended with a mass choir performance which involved a number of choirs along the West Coast. Our senior choir also performed with the Cape Welsh Men’s Choir and the West Coast Youth Orchestra. They also took part in the Curro Durbanville choir festival along with other Curro schools’ choirs. Both choirs excelled during the West Boland eisteddfod earning Gold (junior choir) and Cum Laude (senior choir).

West Boland Eisteddfod 2015
Curro Langebaan can boast of another wonderful year of achievement in the Wes-Boland eisteddfod. Highlights were certainly our choirs, who received Cum Laude (senior) and Gold (junior). Our foundation phase choral verse, performing for the first time, received Cum Laude (English) and Gold (Afrikaans).
Our learners achieved a total of 73 trophies – certainly a feather in our cap! Each year this number increases, which means that our cultural ethos grows stronger each year as well.