At Curro Hermanus we know learners have different talents, and by providing them with a platform we allow them to explore and grow. Mondays are dedicated to culture and even our sports stars have the opportunity show their creative side.

As part of our cultural activities, learners participate in speech, drama and art eisteddfods and have achieved superb results in all forms.

We also plan to celebrate a Culture Care week later this year, which will showcase plays, chorus choirs, music and various other cultural items.

The school choir is a new addition to our cultural spectrum and we are overwhelmed by the talent we have. Mrs Elna Mentz is the choir director. She ensures all members attend rehearsals and leads the choir during performances.

The welcoming of the Grade 8s to the high school created an overwhelming feeling of excitement, for learners as well as teachers. Our Grade 8s are known as SPUDS (potatoes) and each of them had to adopt a potato as a pet.

‘Pets’, dressed and decorated, had to be carried around for the entire first week of school. The programme for the week included an introduction and tricks parade, a Spud Race and a Spud test with impossible questions... which produced many hysterical answers!

The welcome ends with a Spud concert and the Curro Hermanus pledge ceremony.