In the Intermediate Phase, the emphasis is still on establishing basic foundations, but learners are led into more abstract thought and independent work. The Intermediate Phase focuses on the continuation of
21st Century skills. These skills are summarised as the 3Rs (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic), 4Cs (communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity and innovation) and 2Ms (meta-cognition and motivation).

From Grade 4 through to Grade 12, tablets form an intricate part of learning and teaching in all subjects. Interactive textbooks are loaded onto the learners’ tablet, where they are able to highlight important content, make notes, draw sketches and browse the internet for research purposes. Additional content such as videos, documents and even activities can be pushed to the textbooks by teachers to enhance the learning experience.

Subjects offered to all learners in this phase include:

  • Mathematics
  • English - Home or First Additional language
  • Afrikaans - Home or First Additional language
  • Life Skills – Music, Art, Life Orientation and Physical Development (KDA)
  • Natural Sciences and Technology – Robotics form part of our 21st Century curriculum
  • Social Sciences - History and Geography
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Bible

By the end of Grade 6, learners are well equipped for the challenges that lie ahead in the Senior Phase.