As in all the grades at Curro Hermanus, emphasis is placed on individuation - the process where each learner has a personal development plan to ensure that he or she reaches their full potential. We follow an enriched CAPS curriculum and we ensure that the learners have a good foundation for their Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

We also realise that it is no longer acceptable for learners to merely be given facts and information they need to know how to apply this knowledge.  It is for this reason that we focus on 21st Century teaching skills and include subjects such as Robotics and Information Technology. Technology is integrated into all our classes and used to facilitate learning on a daily basis. We teach our learners to think critically and creatively when faced with a problem. We also want them to communicate effectively so that they can collaborate and work together.

Our aim for the Foundation Phase is to equip our learners with the necessary knowledge and skills so that they will be able to cope with the challenges of the Intermediate Phase and become motivated learners with a desire for self-learning.


Our core subjects in the Foundation Phase are:

  • Mathematics
  • English - Home or First Additional language
  • Afrikaans - Home or First Additional language
  • Life Skills – Music, Art, Robotics, IT and Physical Development (KDA)


Sport and cultural programmes give every child an opportunity to take part and achieve. Sport is a compulsory part of our school day and we include the following sport codes: Swimming, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Mini-Cricket, and Tennis.

We have a junior choir and our learners can take individual music lessons in recorder, piano, guitar, violin and keyboard.

We also have a Chess club where learners can start learning the skills of the game from Grade 1.