Reception phase

  • Mathematics
  • Home language
  • Life Skills, which focuses on personal, social, physical and creative arts development.

Additional information on the reception-phase curriculum

  • 3 turning 4 years (Group 4 to nursery school)
  • 4 to 5-year-old (Grade RR) as well as 5 to 6-year-old learners (Grade R) are enrolled
  • A curriculum with a variety of interesting contents that is followed throughout the year (CAPS)
  • Term reports that focus on the three subjects:  home language, Mathematics and and Life Skills
  • Regular communication with parents regarding progress of learner  including one-on-one interviews
  • A weekly KDA programme, which puts the focus on the general physical development of the learner
  • Learning outside the class  interesting and educational outings pertaining to specific themes
  • Free eye assessments for all new learners
  • Social functions for the learners, parents and grandparents during the year
  • A stimulating learning environment inside and outside the classroom where the learners can develop their full potential
  • Graduation ceremony (Grade R)
  • Extramural activities: playball, karate,  Ju Jitsu, tennis, Rugga Kidz, Soetlief, music, ballet, Audioblox