Winter Sport Fixtures 2017 (Term 2)


Sport at Curro forms part of our extramural programme.  Sound educational principles and aims form part of playing, coaching and administration of all sport at Curro.  While healthy competition will be encouraged, the enjoyment of the game must never be compromised.  The development of sports skills and the physical fitness of players are primary goals.  Sportsmanship, teamwork, acceptable behaviour on and off the field and fairness must be demonstrated at all times.

Extramural activities play a vital role in the development of learners at Curro.  All learners are strongly encouraged to participate in the wide-ranging programme that comprises summer and winter sports.  Well-coached and organised sport promotes friendship, team awareness and self-confidence.

Our goal at Curro is to see that each and every learner develops whilst participating in sport at our Durbanville Campus.

Enjoyment is the key behind sport at Curro! 


 Please make sure you have completed the SPORTS INDEMNITY form.   

GAME RULES…..for the learners

  • Remember sun block for each practice
  • Wear correct CURRO SPORTS clothing, i.e. Curro navy-blue shorts and white/navy-blue T-shirt
  • Wear a Curro cap!
  • Pack a water bottle
  • Arrive ON TIME!
  • Do NOT miss a practice
  • Be committed!
  • Don’t give up!
  • Get fit, be positive and follow the rules 

GAME RULES…..for the parents

  • Encourage your child to participate in a sport
  • Make sure that their sports clothes are labelled – name, not just initials
  • Encourage them to commit to a sport for  the season
  • Please DO NOT stay and watch practices – you are WELCOME to attend the last 10 minutes of a practice session
  • Be there to support matches
  • Cheer for CURRO!

Learner achievements

Kindly advise us of your child's achievements in the extramural field.  We would like to acknowledge their achievements at our weekly school assembly.  These achievements may include activities offered privately. We have an achievement board on which the WP, SA, music and eisteddfod achievements are indicated.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact me at Curro primary or send an email to