2015 was a year with many highlights for Curro Durbanville High School. Our focus was to get more learners involved in the various activities at the school. Hence our slogan: Get involved! / Raak Betrokke! During this year we ventured into a coalition with Meridian Pinehurst on the sporting front. The main aim was to fill and strengthen our sporting teams. This paid off to a certain extent despite the many logistical barriers experienced.
The general spirit in the school improved and with that the results followed.


In 2016 we will build on this theme, encouraging both learners and parents to stay involved. Out slogan for 2016: "Dream, Train, Live" will focus on strengthening and deepening the involvement. We want to secure cooperation from our parents and learners by encouraging them to set their own goals, make clear plans to achieve them and to live every day with dedication, purpose and integrity.