Curro Enrolment


  • Application-for-admission form
  • Debit-order instruction form
  • Aftercare application form (if applicable)

PLEASE NOTE:  It is important to complete the application-for-admission form fully and to attach ALL the necessary supporting documents.

A learner's admission is considered after an interview has been conducted with the prospective parent/s. If necessary, the learner may be required to undergo an academic assessment, during which he/she will be assessed according to normal entry requirements.

Curro Durbanville opens for admissions from February of the year preceding the year of required enrolment. There is no cut-off date for the submission of applications. These will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. The admission process will close once the classes are full. Curro Durbanville strictly adheres to the policy of a maximum of 20 learners per class. The prescribed number of learners per class may be exceeded through the placing of a current learner who has to repeat a grade.


Primary school

Please contact the primary school secretary on 021 975 6377 to make a 30-minute appointment for you and your child. During this time, all questions will be answered, you will receive an enrolment pack if you were unable to download it, you will be shown the classrooms and you will be taken on a tour of the school. If you were able to download the enrolment forms, please bring along the completed forms, including all supporting documents.

When phoning for an appointment, please establish whether there is still space available in the relevant grade.

An enrolment test is compulsory for new Grade 2 to Grade 6 learners, unless the operational head decides otherwise. The cost involved is R200, but is refundable should the learner be accepted.  An enrolment test and/or language test may also be requested for Grade 1 learners.

Grades and ages

Group 4 3 years turning  4
Grade RR 4 years turning  5
Grade R 5 years turning  6
Grade 1 6 years turning  7
Grade 2 7 years turning  8
Grade 3 8 years turning  9
Grade 4 9 years turning   10
Grade 5 10 years turning 11
Grade 6 11 years turning 12

BY HAND:  Curro Durbanville Independent School, 1 Memento Drive, Sonstraal Heights, Durbanville

The completed application-for-admission form, together with all required supporting documents, must be submitted to the enrolments administrator, Carine Cornelius, in one of the following ways:

An interview will be arranged with the prospective parent/s on receipt of the above-mentioned documents.


The application for admission will be assessed. Should the learner be accepted, all relevant details will be loaded on the Curro database, at which time an electronic invoice for the enrolment fee will be emailed to the account holder. Prompt payment will confirm the learner’s acceptance. Curro does not issue receipts and you are therefore requested to retain your proof of payment for future reference.

PLEASE NOTE:  Upon receipt of the invoice for the enrolment fee, you will receive a FAMILY CODE. Your family code must please be used as reference for all payments and financial correspondence. Your family code will also enable you to log on to My Hub successfully.

Thank you for considering Curro Durbanville. We look forward to welcoming you.