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Century City Staff

What makes Curro different? We strive towards excellence, instil positive values and norms, empower our learners
and invest in human potential. Our outstanding facilities, qualified, experienced and committed educators, a balanced
academic, cultural and sporting environment and Christian principles make Curro independent schools the obvious choice for your child.

Meet our team:

Executive Head Sean Friedenthal
Operational Head Michelle Gilder
PA to Executive Head Paula Oosthuizen
Bursar (Accounts) Lindsay Lennox
Reception (Castle) Linea Smidt
Reception (Primary) Jade Africa

Curro Castle nursery school and Grade R:

Phase Head         Roisin Irwin
Group 4 Jelly Fish Tammy Vickers
Group 4 Manta Rays Diane Hoar
Group 5 Dolphins Reyhana Dumas
Group 5 Seals Katherine Rowan
Group 5 Sea Turtles Siobhan Glover
Grade R Seahorses Megan Dewing
Grade R Polarbears Samantha Thacker
Grade R Whales Kerrin Pass
Grade R (Phase H) Starfish Roisin Irwin
Grade R Penguins Mia Lubbe
Assistant G4 Nomsi Mbaleki
Assistant G4 Amanda Titus
Assistant Santina da Silva
Assistant Bianca Heyne
Assistant  Shania Hughes
Movement coach Coach Kyle Levin

Primary and High school team:


Head of Foundation Phase  Lauren Brown
Head of Intermediate Phase  Hazel Dique
Head of Senior Phase  Malcolm Freeman
Foundation Phase (FP)
Grade 1  Andrea Rogers
Grade 1 Caitlin Peche
Grade 1 Sarah Visser
Grade 1 Wendy Stopforth
Grade 1 Yvette Van Rooyen
Grade 1 Candice van Zyl
Grade 2  Cristina Da Olivera
Grade 2  Angelique Lawrence
Grade 2 Bronwyn Hoare
Grade 2 Kate Bell
Grade 2 Jaime Lake
Grade 2 (Phase Head FP) Lauren Brown
Grade 3  Tammy Labuschagne
Grade 3 Celine Manus 
Grade 3  Maxine Ferreira
Grade 3 Carine Erasmus
Sport FP Debbie Scott 
Art FP  Tamryn-Lee Howarth
Intermediate (IP)/Senior phase (SP)
Grade 4 (Phase Head IP) Hazel Dique
Grade 4 Julia McEvoy
Grade 4 Malory Raubenheimer
Grade 4  Aska Uota
Grade 4  Larissa Delport
Grade 5 Janneke Esterhuizen / Denika Mckenzie (maternity cover)
Grade 5 Kerry Austen
Grade 5  Theresa Bishop 
Grade 6 Tracey Brandt
Grade 6 Craig Holman
Grade 7 (Phase Head SP) Malcolm Freeman
Grade 7  Bridget Fisher
Grade 7 Rhett Meyer
SP subject teacher Biance Swart
Grade 8 Jonathan Carelse
Grade 8 Nokujhanya Sigwela
Grade 8 Jacques van der Westhuizen
Music IP/SP Jessica de Koker
Art IP/SP Astrid Vermeulen


Aftercare team:

Head of aftercare                   Cherie Irish
Aftercare Bernadine Andrews
Aftercare Jessica Fuchs
Aftercare Bronwyn Michael
Aftercare Emily Joss
Aftercare Alita Wilkens
Aftercare Joni Groenewald
Aftercare Kayleigh Hugo
Aftercare Melissa Marais
Aftercare Noxolo Mdingi
Aftercare Renee Maluka
Aftercare Sally Ross
Aftercare Florence Zondo
Aftercare Tamryn Greene
Aftercare Tatum Cohen
Aftercare Tracy-Leigh Ross