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Curro Castle George is a free standing nursery school based on the well-established and proven Rosen Castle model (Tygervalley) with the emphasis on inspiring young minds to become extraordinary.

We believe in the magic of childhood, the joy of being young and the unbridled innocence of youth. The realisation that children need a sanctuary during the day whilst parents are busy in the working world, inspired the establishment of Rosen Castle during 2005. Curro Holdings recognised the significant difference that Rosen Castle makes in the area, acquired it in July 2012 and will be establishing various Curro Castles countrywide.


• Cnr Merriman and Victoria Streets, George

• GPS Co-Ordinates:  S 33° 57’ 59.43”  E 22° 27’ 46.79”


• Boys and Girls from all areas

• Parallel Medium - English and Afrikaans

• 3 months to  5 years (Group 1 to Group 5)

• Monday to Friday - (7am to 6pm) 


Enrolment procedure and relevant forms.

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Please contact the school directly regarding fees for 2017.

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time in a green meadow not so far away, a gentle soul realised that your children need a sanctuary to go to during the day while you as their parents are fighting the battles of the adult and working world.

The themed nursery school comes complete with detailed fantasy surroundings for learners, a story queen, healthy and balanced daily menu for your young ones, fun-filled holiday programmes and lots of fun and educational activities.

Our mission at Curro Castle is to guide your children with compassion through appropriate and meaningful quality education in partnership with you, their parents. Here we inspire young minds to be extraordinary. The strength of our faith, our commitment to excellence and diversity take us beyond the classroom.