• Do you offer school sport?

We offer Rugby, cricket, netball, hockey and tennis (with a private coach who invoices parents separately) at Curro Kathu. We have normal tennis lesson included in school tuition and then private lessons which is invoiced separately.  

  • Which matric examination do you write?

Curro Kathu is registered with the IEB (Independent Examinations Board), meaning that our Grade 12’s write their exam, with the additional modules in the Curro curriculum.

  • What is the class size?

Curro schools have a maximum of 25 learners per class. 

  • How do we go about buying school uniforms?

There is a Clothing Lounge at the school showcasing every available item, in every size. You try the clothes on there to find the correct size and then order them online, using your family code to access the My Hub online store. The clothes will be delivered to the school, in your name, to be collected.

  • I cannot log on to MyHub?

Please contact MyHub related queries on myhub@curro.co.za.

  • Is there a discount for more than one child?

The Curro company policy for 2nd, 3rd and 4th child enrolment for a Curro school is:

-          Second child – no discount

-          3rd and 4th child – 5%

Annual up-front payment of school fees gets a 5% discount.

  • Which grades do you accommodate?

Three months old to Grade 12.

  • Do you have a closing date for enrolments?

No, we do not close enrolments.

  • Can I get a stationery list/book list for my child starting in their new grade?

You  do not need a stationery list/book list, as Curro buys in bulk and all books and stationery are delivered to the school in the new year and your account will be debited with the amount accordingly.

  • Does Curro Kathu offer Bursaries?

Yes we do offer bursaries and the  application forms are available from the administration office.