The hostels are in much demand beacuse not only do they provide a welcoming environment to learners, they allow learners the opportunity to have more contact time with thier educators and have supervised homework classes. This has proven to have a direct, positive influence on the academic results of learners.

Three learners share a room. Experience has shown that this gives learners a greater sense of belonging and security. This allows them more time to cope with the demands of secondary school and prepares them well for university life.

Our hostel provides full board and learners enjoy three full meals a day. Extensive ablution facilities are complemented by a modern laundry, tuck shop, first aid and appropriate recreational and study facilities.


Acceptance in the hostels is on a strictly ‘first come and paid, first served’ basis. Learners are expected to comply with a well-defined code of conduct. The hostels are closed during the school holidays and for one weekend a month during the school term, allowing learners quality time at home on a regular basis.


Bedding, including sheets, blankets/duvet and pillows


School and casual clothes

Snacks, tightly closed to avoid spillage

A lock for the learner’s locker

Pocket money may be paid SEPARATELY into the school account with the reference: POCKET MONEY and the learner’s FAMILY CODE.

The school cannot accept responsibility for stolen items and it is therefore recommended that valuables are left at home.

No cellphones or personal devices are allowed. Learners will be allowed to use the hostel office phone if they need to make an urgent call.