Meridian Fees


Meridian Karino school fees 2016


 Registration fee (must be paid when application forms are handed in)

Non-refundable school registration fee   R550

Non-refundable hostel registration fee   R550

Tuition fees

Grade RR to Grade 3        R1 450 per month x 12

Grade 4 to Grade 7          R1 705 per month x 12

Grade 8 to Grade 9          R1 785 per month x 12

Grade 10 to Grade 12       R1 820 per month x 12 

Hostel fees

Grade 1 to Grade 3          R1 660 per month x 12

Grade 4 to Grade 12        R1 995 per month x 12

Aftercare fee

R700 per month (including lunch)


***School fees include textbooks, basic stationery and participation in sport and culture.



The following payment options are available:

  • Monthly debit order on the 2nd of each month. A debit-order form has to be completed.
  • Direct deposit at your nearest Standard Bank.
  • Monthly electronic funds transfer (EFT), payable on the 2nd day of each month.
  • Annual advance payment on or before 30 December.

(5% discount granted strictly for payments received on or before 30 December)