21st Century Learning

Teaching and learning now also include the use of tablets in the classroom. Curro is embracing 21st century learning. We use e-versions of existing 'ink and paper' textbooks on tablets for the learners in our schools. Our teachers supplement these with video clips, photos, audio files, extra notes, learners' work and homework by using our Wi-Fi intranet system at school.

From January 2017, all Curro Schools will start implementing the exciting new Windows 10 2-in-1 device.


Tablets can ensure that:

  • Our classes are places where lively discussions happen
  • Content stays current through regular updates
  • Learning involves solving problems and encourages thinking
  • Learners share their thinking and opinions in groups
  • Educators cater for diversity as learners work at their own pace and have support to excel or catch up
  • Alternative assessment strategies are implemented


For further information or support, please contact Ms Elsabe Matthee.

Important information: