Preparing our learners for the future!

At Curro Nelspruit we strive to give your child the best possible education. We have integrated robotics into the Natural Science curriculum from grade 4-6 and we also run a robotics club after school.

Your child will develop skills such as problem solving, creativity and planning. Robotics also promotes logical thinking.

In grade 4 the learners learn how to build a robot and they familiarize themselves with the different parts of the robot. In grade 5 we revise grade 4 work and start with basic programming. In grade 6 they do only programming and the programs become more advanced.

The robotics club is for learners who wish to do more extensive robotics. Here they will work in teams. We intend to register teams for the Robotics Olympiads. At the Olympiads there is a specific problem given to the learners. The learners need to program the robot to perform the movements in order to solve the problem.

Robotics is educational, fun and an excellent 21st century learning tool.

For more information, contact Ms Adri Kruger.