Grade 5 learners tackle real-life issues


The Grade 5s of Curro Nelspruit are given the opportunity to experience real-life situations in a fun and challenging game called Real Life 4 Kids. This is the fifth year that Curro will be offering this to their Grade 5s.

It is said that children are poorly prepared for the realities of the financial decisions that they will need to cope with as adults. Real Life 4 Kids seeks to address this by allowing the children to deal with these decisions in a fun, yet challenging game.

The game is similar to Monopoly, where the children are paid to come to school, as well as for good work. This sounds great, but there is a catch. With this money they need to pay for their bus fare, buy a home, pay for fines, purchase medical aid and many other life expenses. They do get to earn more money by doing various jobs, being a mayor, selling home-made goods to their classmates, buying stocks and tendering for businesses. Life happens and disasters strike, people tend to not be honest, with real-life scams happening. There are also community outreaches where you invest your finances and time in without financial benefits to you. These are some of the issues they have to deal with. They are exposed to the financial world with EFT transactions, maintaining an income, an expenses balance sheet, as well as taxes. Winners are categorised according to eco-friendly homes, how they play the game and of course the final winner is the one with the biggest bank balance!

For more information, contact Mrs Janene Bladwell.