A focus on fitness!

We are proud to announce that we have opened a gym that can be used by the learners. We have kitted it out with all new equipment, which will give each sportsman and woman the opportunity to improve on any aspects of strength and conditioning. It was important for us to ensure that those learners making use of the facility receive (among other things):

  • Personalised and relevant training programmes
  • Education on supplements and the use thereof
  • Healthy eating plans
  • Correct (age-appropriate) strength and conditioning training
  • Permanent supervision while using the facility

To this end it will be necessary for us to charge a nominal monthly fee for the permanent use of the facility. This fee is set at R200 per month.

There will be times when sporting teams will make use of the gym and this will not require a charge.

For more information please contact Mr RW Kember.