The foundation phase at Curro Nelspruit believes that education is the principal priority for any child and that all learners should be provided with an education, ensuring that they reach their fullest potential. At Curro leaners have the opportunity to develop their individual talents, critical thinking and technology skills by being actively engaged in the learning process.

Continuous commitment to improvement ensures that our learners are well-rounded, self-directed, lifelong learners. In order to prepare learners to live in and contribute to a changing world and engage in active, lifelong learning, Curro Nelspruit provides a balanced, varied school curriculum designed to meet the academic, cultural, and social needs of each learner.


Our mission is to empower all learners to apply their acquired skills and knowledge, and to rely upon their personal attributes to lead productive lives so that they can become contributing members of a global community. This will provide a high-quality, comprehensive, and meaningful education for all learners. Each individual will be expected to succeed within the bounds of their abilities and chosen educational goals. Each learner will be treated as an individual, given the tools to be a lifelong learner, and taught to function as a member of a group and as a productive member of society.

Subjects offered in the foundation phase
(Grade 1 to 3) include:

  • Home language teaching
  • First additional language teaching
  • Mathematics
  • Life Skills - which focuses on personal, social and health promotion. This learning area also caters for music, computers, art and culture

Further attributes within the phase that develop and stimulate learning include:

  • The curriculum is complemented during the year with content that will interest and motivate the learners.
  • Parents will receive a formal report, which will give them feedback on the learner’s progress.
  • Educational outings will take place.
  • Communication through parents' evenings and individual interviews.
  • A positive learning environment to promote maximum learning.
  • Extramiral activities.
  • Eye and hearing assessments.
  • Therapists: speech and occupational therapists as well as an educational psychologist are available on campus.
  • Academic support during school hours.
  • Robotics.

Reception phase (Grade R)

  • We follow a curriculum based on a variety of interesting content and a stimulating environment in- and outside the classroom where the learners can develop to their full potential.
  • School-readiness tests are compulsory.
  • Eye and hearing assessments are carried out.
  • Participation in eisteddfod.
  • Therapists: speech and occupational therapists as well as an educational psychologist are available on campus.
  • Robotics.
  • Report and regular feedback on the learner's progress.
  • Communication through parents' evenings and individual interviews.

Daily Times

Day  Starting Time Ending Time 
Monday  07:30  13:00 
Tuesday  07:30  13:30 
Wednesday  07:30  13:00 
Thursday  07:30  13:30 
Friday 07:30 12:55


For more information, contact Ms Marianne Olivier. Alternatively, contact the Phase Head, Ms Madeleine Reynolds.