An important part of education

Curro wishes to develop holistic learners who can participate in all facets of life. For this reason we have included art, music and drama into our everyday curriculum. Two lessons a week are dedicated to creative enrichment through learning different artistic skills, while music and drama are introduced through a weekly lesson. Learners who display an interest in these fields can further their learning by participating in private lessons or the relevant cultural clubs provided by the school.

Curro Nelspruit has dynamic music and drama teachers, bring with them years of experience in these fields. Two periods a week are dedicated to choir practice, ensuring that these learners get the correct vocal training and practice. It is our goal to work towards a school production each year, giving learners have the opportunity to display their talents.

Curro Nelspruit offers a wide variety of extramural cultural activities. Most of these are offered during the dedicated cultural period. Others are privately conducted during the week. Ballet, piano and deportment classes can be privately arranged through the front office reception.

During the cultural period learners have the choice of participating in one of the following activities:

Primary school:

  • Art club
  • Chapel band
  • Chess
  • Choir
  • Culture week
  • Dance club
  • Drama club
  • Eisteddfod
  • First Aid
  • Public speaking

High school:

  • Botany 
  • Current affairs
  • Culture week
  • Doodle 
  • Drawing
  • Film
  • Food appreciation society
  • Community service
  • Graphic design
  • K53 training
  • Choir
  • Matric farewell
  • Ornithology
  • Physical fitness
  • Recipe book
  • Scuba diving
  • Siswati cultural group
  • Social club
  • Fishing
  • Woestyntuin 

For more information, contact Ms Jonél Hartman.