About us

This choir was founded in 2013 with only a handful of high school learners as there were only grade 8, 9 and 10 learners in the school at the time. In that year they performed at school functions, the Nelspruit Eisteddfod as well as in a combined Christmas carol evening at Penryn.

In 2014 Petra Jerling took over the choir and the number grew to 25 members. The choir’s first performance was at the school’s expo in the Riverside Mall and shortly after that during a school assembly. The choir also took part in the first ever Innibos Choir Workshop and concert during the June holiday with a great deal being learnt from Gerard’d du Toit ending with a successful performance. During August last year, we achieved a Gold certificate at the Nelspruit Eisteddfod after which we were invited to perform at the TSB Selati choir festival.

We were the only school choir invited and we did the school proud on the day with our performance, our own original song and impeccable behaviour.  We also took part in the exciting mass choir on the day.

This year the choir has over 40 members and we are looking forward to growing in excellence and finding more performance possibilities. 

For more information contact Ms Petra Jerling.