If my child is only going to start at the school in a couple of years' time, do I need to apply now?

Yes, it would be wise to complete application forms and hand them in soon. The forms will go on a waiting list and they will be processed the year before your child is due to start at the school. The acceptance fee needs to be paid only once the forms have been processed.

Do you offer scholarships for the younger grades?

No, scholarships are only offered to Grade 8 learners at Curro high schools.

Do the children wear school uniforms?

No, but some Castles arrange special T-shirts for parents to purchase.

Is there a discount for more than one child?

The Curro company policy for 2nd, 3rd and 4th child enrolment for a Curro school is:

-          Second child – no discount

-          3rd and 4th child – 10%

Is there a discount for annual payment?

5% discount for up-front annual payment.

At what age should my child start school?

The recommended ages are as follows:

Group 3 – the year the child turns 3

Group 4 – the year the child turns 4

Do I still pay an enrolment fee if I am transferring from another Curro school?

  • From a Curro to a Curro school: no enrolment fee to be paid, not even a top up if the fee differs from school to school.
  • MERIDIAN OR ACADEMY TO CURRO: will have to pay the top-up difference from the Meridian school or Academy to a Curro school.
  • CURRO TO MERIDIAN OR ACADEMY:no enrolment fee, no top-up fee.