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Mr and Miss Curro Heuwelkruin is not a beauty competition. For us the beauty of a learner on the inside is more important than the beauty of a learner’s outside. It is about what the students do in their community. The difference they make in the community and the love they have for others. To give without wanting anything in return. We make the learners aware of the reality, and what is going on around us. We teach the learners that to put a smile on someone's face is better than to have millions in the bank.


The finalists work very hard, they were all involved and helped wherever help was needed.

We had twelve finalists who were divided into 4 groups of 3 learners:


Group 1 - Nichardt van Niekerk, Janique Jacobsz, and Jaco van Wyk

Their projects in the community

  1. Ivydale Shelter, the learners provided the shelter with food, groceries, cleaning products and held an Easter egg hunt for the children.
  2. David House, the learners, with the help of sponsors, build a house for a family that was living in ‘n caravan.  They also helped the family with food and groceries.
  3. Thabang, matric learner whose parents died in the TB Goshua in 2014 in Nigeria and looking after his grade 6 brother.  The Kruinies helped them with food and groceries and also paid for him to go to his matric dance.
  4. Piglet’s crèche, the learners provided the children with food, toys, and a new playground.
  5. Samaritan House, the learners donated 6 boxes of shoes to the people of the Samaritan house.
  6. Hospice, the learners also visited the personal of the Hospice centre and handed out cupcakes. 


Group 2 – Rudolph Oosthuizen, Lize Ernst and Shimone Boje

Their projects in the community

  1. Molwantwa-Kgolo Dorp-In-Centre (Aftercare centre for about 50 kids in Seshego).  The learners asked the owner to give them a wish list of what they need and with the help of sponsors they were able to help the centre buy the things they needed. 
  2. KANSA TLC Hall, They provided the kids with toys, food and educational toys, books and dvd’s.  
  3. They also donated cloths to the following institutes, KANSA, Samaritan House, Aretha Tehuis, The Shelter.
  4. Aretha Tehuis, with the help of sponsors they donated food, and cleaning products. 


Group 3 – Luca Pretzler, Arno Horn and Kaela Steyn

Their projects in the community

  1. Noddy’s Crèche, The learners donated a Wendy house to the school that will be used as a classroom.  They also helped to improve (paint, build) the school’s playground.  They donated cloths and toys to the kids at Noddy’s Crèche.  The learners asked Makro to donate “skopfietsies” to the school.
  2. Sopkombuis
  3. Mmale Tsena Pre-Shool, the learners donated toys to the school. 


Group 4 – Mauritz Pretorius, Bianca Jarmin and Kamalan Naidoo

Their projects in the community

  1. Bella Vista Oud te Huis, the learners donated food, clothing, blankets, groceries and cleaning products to the people of the Bella Vista Oud te Huis.  They also arranged a braai for the Oud te Huis. 
  2. Autism Awareness Week, the learners sold homemade badges at Curro Heuwelkruin to make the Kruinies aware of autism and they raised R4000 for autism. 
  3. Ivydale Shelter, donated cloths
  4. SPCA, the learners donated 46 blankets to the SPCA.


Mr and Miss Curro Heuwelkruin ended with the gala evening on October 16, 2015 presented at Curro Heuwelkruin in Africa style.

Each finalist had the opportunity to impress the judges with an informal walk followed by a formal walk and ended with a short story about the projects they undertook as a group to help in the community.

At the end of the evening Kaela Steyn was crowned as 2nd Princess, Bianca Jardim was crowned as 1st Princess.  With them Mauritz Pretorius was crowned 2nd Prince and Jaco van Wyk was announced as 1st Prince.

Then the moment we were all waiting for, arrived and Mr and Miss Curro Heuwelkruin 2015 were announced as Lize Ernst and Nichardt van Niekerk.