Foundation Phase (PG to Grade 3)

St Dominics Newcastle operates a registered pre-primary school where children from three years old and upwards are taught. In the Grade R class, learners are prepared for junior primary school through a school-readiness programme.

The Grade R facilities include a creative room, a fantasy playroom, a cognitive area and a teaching room. The spacious garden has an enclosed ‘farm-yard’ and a wide variety of swings, jungle gyms, tactile tables and slides. This ensures that your children not only exercise their minds, but can also actively release their youthful energy.

Our foundation phase also includes Grade 1 to Grade 3. Here, there is the required emphasis on language, numeracy, life skills and robotics. We also allow the learners to develop an interest in a wide range of life experiences through field trips and other enrichment activities.

We offer:

  • Small classes
  • Individual attention
  • A wide variety of sports activities
  • A wide variety of cultural activities
  • Computer training
  • An aftercare centre


  • Facility on the school premises
  • Open every day until 17:00
  • Nutritious cooked lunch
  • Afternoon tea
  • Fun indoor activities