About Us

Parents face a difficult choice when choosing the best school for their children.  We hope that the guidelines below may help you with this important decision.




Grantleigh is a school founded on Christian values.  As such, it sets great store on encouraging pupils to feel part of a compassionate community.  Students are encouraged to be self-disciplined and well mannered while retaining their individuality.


Grantleigh has a beautiful rural setting, which is unsurpassed in the region.  Manicured lawns, beautiful, modern buildings, a fully secure campus and spacious sports fields combine to create a perfect learning environment.


Grantleigh has well-trained, highly motivated staff members who encourage independent thinking and set high standards.  The programme of academic excellence culminates in the writing of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) matric exam.


Small class sizes, committed educators and dedicated coaches make individual personal care of its learners a cornerstone of Grantleigh’s education.

Executive head Mr Shaun McMurtry guides the staff, who are passionate about Grantleigh and developing learners to be the best they can be.  Colston Veater, executive head of the preparatory school, together with a phase head and team leaders, assists in the management of the school.  Underpinning this is our board of trustees, whose members bring a wealth of independent-school experience and knowledge to guide and support the management team.


Grantleigh now offers comfortable and secure boarding accommodation for high-school boys and girls on the beautiful school campus.


Having a team of dedicated coaches, together with some of the most outstanding sporting facilities in the region, Grantleigh can offer all its learners the opportunity to excel in a number of sporting codes.  In its short history, an impressive number of provincial and national sportsmen and sportswomen have come from the ranks of the Grantleigh family.


Grantleigh’s excellence in cultural pursuits has become one of its hallmarks.  Grantleigh ensures our learners receive training and development in the arts as well as achieving high standards in performance.  Our venue has been host to many touring companies and orchestras.


A highly efficient fleet of sixteen Grantleigh buses operate daily, ensuring convenience to parents and learners of Grantleigh.  This enables the school to offer sports and cultural tours as well as academic excursions.


Come and visit Grantleigh to see what this unique school can offer your child.