Category: Academics

Grade R is part of the primary school and we will cover all three learning areas in the curriculum. The learning areas are as follows:



Life Skills:       

  • Beginning Knowledge
  • Creative Arts
  • Physical Education        
  • Personal and Social Well-being        

The main learning areas are therefore Numeracy (33%), Literacy (55%), and Life Skills (12%). The other learning areas are integrated and incorporated into these three main learning areas.


More of what we offer:

Personal, social and emotional development

Communication, language and literacy skills

Thinking and memory skills

Reasoning and numeracy (Mathematics)

Knowledge and understanding of the world (Science and Technology)

Health and physical development

Creative development (Art)


Classes are divided as follows:

Group 1                3 months to 12 months

Group 1.5             12 months to 18 months

Group 2                18 months to 24 months

Group 2.5             24 months to 30 months

Group 3                30 months to 3 years

Group 4                3 years to 4 years

Group 5                4 years to 5 years