Category: Academics


Foundation phase         (Grades 1 to 3)

  • Our Foundation Phase at Curro Embury represents a vibrant and energetic mix of young learners and enthusiastic and dedicated educators. It is here that the foundations of all learning are firmly rooted in a nurturing and loving school environment that caters and cares for each unique individual. Our staff attends numerous training sessions in order to maintain and foster professional development and growth.
  • It is within these bright and inviting classrooms that the Numeracy, Literacy and Life-skills components of the curriculum are taught. Included in their weekly 'journey' are Music, Physical Education, Choir, Computers, Media, Art, Robotics and Afrikaans, helping to maintain a stimulated and holistic approach to learning.
  • Our extramural sports timetable is complementary to each individual’s growth and allows for potential sportsmen and women to discover their innate talents at their own pace.
  • Various events and functions that are held throughout the year allow our parents and grandparents to enjoy this learning experience with their children.


Grades 1 to 3

Home language  (English or Afrikaans)

First additional language (English, Afrikaans or other)

Second additional language (isiZulu)


Life Skills